I was Sick :(

On Monday the 5th, Tuesday the 6th and Wednesday the 7th I was off school because I was sick like a million times I was in my bed all day. I felt terrible I hope I feel better so I can come back to school. I miss everyone at school I have wrote christmas cards so I will bring them in when I come back and I even got a present for technolady1of2. I hope you like your present! Can't wait till I come back and see yous all I have a really sore head, stomach and throat. I can hardly talk I have almost lost my voice so I have to be quiet. On the Monday I was sleeping all day except when I had to wake up to run to the toilet to be sick! On Monday when I was asleep my little sister kept on talking so she woke me up like a million times I got so annoyed. I'am feeling a little bit better now but still being sick. My tummy keeps on rumbling because I'am not allowed to eat anything or I will be sick again. Well I hope I feel better soon but bye for now.
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