Evvvvvery week we do maths, we cant last one week with out doing it.
It is so annoying I hate maths!

But I have to do it without complain but sometimes I wish we could get teachers to do what we want them to do like jump in a massive bowl of melted chocolate in front of the whole school! now that's what I call funny,but that will never happen,or you will never know.

Back to maths my teacher Mr Maclean Knows that most people in our class don't like math like me for example,because today he said two of the p7's need to help p3, while the rest of us do maths, and he said to me I'm not going to help p3, because he knows how much I loves maths (not).

In maths we are working on Area and Perimeter which sometimes can be confusing the way Mr Maclean puts it because yesterday he confused me and my friend Rebecca.

That's the end of my blog hope I didn't bore you!!!
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