The Muppet Movie + Frankie and Benny's

Yesterday, I went to see the Muppet Movie. It was really good! My favourite part was when Walter (one of the main characters) goes to the Muppet's Studios for his first time. (He is very hyper when he arrives). My favourite Muppet is Janice. She is my favourite because she is pretty and is very talented. (She is a guitarist)

After the movie, me, my mum, my brother and my dad went to Frankie and Benny's. I had a wrap with lettuce, cucumber and chicken. It was delightful! After that, I had a hot pancake with chocolate sauce, ice cream and honeycomb bits! We talked about the movie, all agreeing that it was good.

The Muppet Movie is VERY good and Frankie and Benny's is also very good. I would reccomend both of them. Especially the Muppet Movie. Thanks for reading!!
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