My weekend by supergirl103

On Saturday my gran and my aunty came up to stay for tea. Befor tea we played just dance 2. My aunty played viva last vegas I played when I grow up and my gran played big girls you are beautiful. My little sister had a sore foot and my big sister was too busy on her phone. Now it was tea time and just when I was just about to eat I heard a knock on the door. I went to answer it and it was my step brother and my step sister. Finally I was allowed to eat my tea but all I heard is my step sister complaining in my ear that she doesn't like beetroot and that it was all over her ham and her egg. I felt like I was going to scream all I wanted is to have my tea in peace. My step dad said she sounds like me every dinner moaning that I don't like it I was shocked to because that was about the first tea that I didn't complain about what was on my plate. After tea we all just sat down and chilled out. But when my aunty and my gran went away my step brother and step sister went wild I think thay should of showed my little sister because my step brother is in high scool and my step sister is in p6 but in a different school.
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