Space School 2

Today, I went to Space School for the 2nd time! This time was really fun! However, it was as good as the first time I went.

When we first went in, I chatted to my friend Molly. Then after that, (this is random,) we got to set balloons on fire!!! Before we ate our snack, I made atoms that are found in silk (?) then I made a model of lysine. We had to use pretend molecules like: 6 carbons, 2 oxygen, 2 nitrogen and 14 hydrogen.

After we ate our snack, we made things that you could see your eye in it. (?????). Eventually, we got to eat our lunch.

When we had eaten, we went to the testing lab and I got to do the most fun thing ever! I got to set sugar on fire!! (Its the fire part, not the sugar part!) We also made rocket fuel.

At the end, we launched a rocket. It was funny when it fell as we all ran for it! Then I went home. Next time is Computer Science! Thanks for reading!
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