Background Favourites

This is me, HPsocks. I have been onto all of my friends (on RW) and seeing what background theme we have. These are the results!

1. Space Rockets (6 people) - that seems to get the spacemen (and women) out of the flying saucers
2. Default Site (5) - some peopple havn't changed their background yet!
Triglow (5) - I love this one, and it's bright and funky so I'm not surprised it's so popular!
Flying Saucer (5) - I think between Space Rockets and Flying Saucer is a very popular theme for space-lovers
3. Theme Winner Blue (3) - This used to be my favourite before the new ones came out. It's nice because it's all to do with RadioWaves
4. Blue Banana (2) - It was interesting that people have gone for the blue banana instead of the yellow banana. The only reason that yellow banana has a vote is because it was my favourite!
5. Dogs (1) - Another intresting one. I know lots of dog-lovers, but this has never been popular.
Theme Winner Pink (1) - totally girly!
Happy Theme (1) - I noticed that your writing turns pink on this one. Do you like that?
Yellow Banana (1) - That was my vote! I think the people who liked the happy theme will like this one. But maybe the happy theme is too girly.
6. Fimclub Animation (0) - this used to be quite popular before the new ones came out.
Filmclub Classic (0) - did you find the pictures distracting?
Flmclub Sci-Fi - What does ski-fi mean?
Theme Winner Sky (0) - That is a little boring
Cars (0) - I suppose it is a bit babyish
Red Diamonds (0) - Attractive, but very sivilised and grown-up
Cats (0) - I did have that for a bit because I love cats but I found it dull and boring, so I changed it
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