Party Elections !!!

Hi you may have seen my pie chart on the oppinion poll ,well I am going to tell you all about the real election . A member of the T.O.P decided he wanted to be an independent and so he did and he came up with his proposals and they were to do with science . We all had jobs to do to make it go as well as it did and here are the results ..... The T.O.P came in 5th .....The independent came in 4th ....... The S.S.C came in 3rd .........The Eco Party came in 2nd ...........AND IN FIRST PLACE CAME THE QUEEN OF HEARTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who ever won would have deserved it and a big congratulations to the Queen of Hearts for coming in 1st .Every group tried their best and did superb in their parties so I would like to say an IMMENSE well done to my class !!!!
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