If I could make a few laws, what would they be???

This question has been asked may times, and I though that a blog would be perfect to share my opinion.So, what new laws would I like to see?

My first new law would be that every one should have to where a helmet on a bicycle, scooter and skateboards. You name it something on that line. I feel that it is stupid when people cycle past you on the road, without wearing a helmet. This is because if they fall of, they stand the risk of seriously injuring themselves.

Lots and lots of people say that they don't wear a helmet on a bike when out with their friends. This is because people will start calling them names and making fun of them because they are trying to stay safe. I am not making the choice for you but would you like to be injured and not made fun of, or be made fun of but know that you will be safe?

When I was younger and in primary school, we had a talk from a lady from 3M streetwise. The aim of this talk was to try and help young children staf safe while walking and riding their bike. She included relective jackets and was also focusing on wearing a helmet on your bike. But most importantly, I remembered one sentence. "Would your parents like to see a smashed up child or a smashed up helmet, in their eyes a helmet costs about £15 and their child is priceless."

So, don't try and be cool, wear a helmet. BE SAFE. I always wear a helmet, even when people tease me.
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