Annapurna's (Nathaniel Evans) Diary Entry August 1776

Dear Diary,

Almost every in Lexington have become either a Patriot or a Loyalist. I was one of the few that needed to switch to one side, and, may I add, quickly. I had thought about the incidents and all that both the sides had argued at the town meeting. I had also thought of my Patriotic past, and how my master, John Adams, is now a Massachusetts representative. I remember Mr. Adams telling me about how if I would have to choose any side at all, I would have to choose the Patriot’s side for him. This is why I came to my conclusion that I would be a Patriot.

Being a Patriot is quite risky, but I want my wife, Lydia, and my children, Prudence, Oliver, and Anna to all be treated equally. I know that I will have to fight for freedom if I want my family to be safe. It is a tremendous risk, I know, but I am doing to for my family, and for my master, whom I almost consider as my second father. I need the colonies to be independent states, so that my later generation may live with all the rights that they deserve, and also so that I may continue to practice law without the British interfering in Lexington. I am ready to do whatever it takes to protect my family and me. I will join the battle as a Patriot. I will fight for what is right.
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