Annapurna's (Nathaniel Evans) January 1778 Diary Entry

Dear Diary,

Life has been hard and tough since I joined the army. It is constantly snowing at Valley Forge and my shoes and clothing have been worn out for weeks. I attempted to gather scraps of cloth from around camp to assemble new shoes and pants along with one of my fellow lawyers, Preston Miller. We have managed to make feeble shoes and a small pair of pants, knowing that it would be insubstantial. Nevertheless, it was the best we could do. Elbridge Paine and Allen Charlesson have left the Patriots to join the Loyalists for unknown reasons. Each day makes things worse for all of us.

I would have left myself, but to think my wife, Lydia, and all three of my children could live the life they deserve stops me. Just last week was my youngest daughter’s fourth birthday. I always buy the best sweet rolls for her, but now that I am with General Washington, it was not possible. Yesterday, Peter, Lydia’s brother informed me that he is the merchant for Thaddeus Parks’ vegetables. Thaddeus’ wife, Isabella, is making sure that my wife is safe. Knowing Lydia, she would generously return the favor.

The war is becoming riskier after losing many powerful colonies. I sincerely hope that this terrible war will end and all of us could return home to our families. It will not be easy for any of us, especially the Patriots.
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