On thursday 15th we went to the BBC.I got a brilliant experiance and interviewed Dan Walker from the BBC he's quite a nice guy well atleast he answeered all my questions but his hardest quesion i asked him was "If you had one wish what would it be" He replied because he's a christian he would want more people to read the bible. We also saw little cook from the cebeebies channel big cook little cook unfortunatly i did not get to interview him. We got to also see where they have some of there shows and dramas rehearst and played. But another good thing was that we saw Harry Hill but only the top of his head.We was only alllowed to take a pictures in a certain place.One of the best things was that we got to play the weekest link i came second but should of won.There was also some history there for e.g the oldest part of the building was the stage door and that he whole building is in the shape of a question mark.Overall another good day out.
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