The past two days have been quite cool i have met alot of new people i will tell you about them in a minute.They have been there for three days but i have only met for two.There were six new people that had started S2R they more or less picked it up straight away and they had there own talents outside od reporting there were Footballers, Cricketers and Handball players.There were these two girls they was called Crazy Twins well there name says it all really but there not afraid to go up to someone and asked for an interview like they did with Vanessa Feltz (she was a bit of a tough cookey).There was also one there that had a brilliant eye when it came to taking pictures and that person was Leyton Arsenal him and that camera went everywhere together he was quite good at the vox popping too.There was also two quiet ones Crazy Hired Friek and Red Berries they diddnt say much at Leyton Orient (Headquarters) but they sort of let themselves go when it came to the interviewing and filming.And last but not least theres Najaf who was very familuar with the copy and pasting,but he did do his job like the rest of us he came there too interview and well thats what he done.So that pretty much wraps it up the new edition to S2R and S2R Leyton.
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