Today me and some other members of S2R Leyton whent up to White Hart Lane (Tottenham).The first thing we done when we got there was meet some more people joining S2R but they wasnt S2R Leyton they was S2R Tottonham.Our first task of the day was to think of some questions to ask people around the room but before we done that we had to show the S2R Totenham team how to vox pop and how to use the equipment.So as soon as they worked out how to use the equipment we got our quetions goin.Once we had asked people about our questions we had to edit it and have it up on Radiowaves but seeing as the Tottenham team were new we had to show them how to do that.We all had 15 minuets to get the vox pops up on Radiowaves before we whent on our stadium tour.There was a man there that whn you tell him your birthday he woul tell you the game and the score on that day or the closest game to that day.We also learned so knowledge about the players and managers the main person we learned about was Bill Nickolson.We also got to sit in the same part where the manager and subs sit it was so cool.One of my favourite part of the day was when we walked into the away teams dreesing room we couldnt go into the home teams dressing room because the players kits were layed out.Brulliant day.
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