Presentation at the Football Foundation!

The very first thing we done when we got there was go on the laptop and have 10 minuets of free time from our LONG journey so me and E17-Reloaded did just that.Once the reporters that was chosen from Northampton and Manchester came down we started getting ideas up for our speaches for the funding.Once the members of the football association was ready we came in and said our speaches first up was the Manchester group they was talking about there part of S2R and what they enjoyed the most.Next up was Nothampton there was only one person doing it because the other reporter diddnt turn up and then she gave out one of her interviews.Finally it was me and E17-Reloaded and because the football association looked a bit moody i thought i would brighten things up a bit by giving a bit of a more lively speach i think it worked and then E17-Reloaded finished it off.I think we got our oint across.
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