Tonight was on of the best nights in my life.This evening at Leyton Orient there was end of the season awards for the players.When i first got there i saw people all dressed up smart proper looking buiseness people who looked like they earned a few bob.When the waitors said to us dinner will be served upstaires i never thought it would look like how i saw it.It was nicely layed out and i thought that i was royalty the way i got treated.For the dinner first came the starter and that was smoked samon (i diddnt mind it that much) and a glass of coke, for the main course there was beef carrots some egg and cheese and something thingy (now that was not bad) and a glass of coke.Finally for desert a chocolate moose with a bisuit very tasty.Once we had finished eating the awards came this is how they whent.
Player of the season: Tamika Mkandwire 
Goal of the season: Scott McGleish

Young player of the yearr: Jamie Jones 
Community player of the year: Loick Pires

Once the players had collected their awards came on the comedian who definatly done his job i dont think their was one person that diddnt laugh.After the comedian had his moment of fame the auction started and there was some great prizes up for sale one of my favourite ones was to be the assistant manager for leyton orient in the fist round of the F.A cup.Overall it was a brilliant night i cant wait untill next year.

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