Me and comic 4 Life went to the 02 arena watching Israel v Turkey and Team GB v Poland.When we first got there we played a little bit of basket ball outside while we wated for the gates to open and get the tickets, but nothing goes that simple we ended up waiting half an hour before we found our way to wear we was suppost to be.When we finally got there we got our media passes and we got given a imformation pack about the players then went straight forward to the medai room where there was food and drink and computers.Once we got settled it was time to go and report on the match where we had front row seats in the important area where all the medai staff was.What i was doing was taking down who got the points how each player was playing and how they all worked as a team.At the end of both games there was a press confrence where one manger and one player came in from each team came in and got asked questions
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