2012 Olympic Site

Today we went to have a tour around the 2012 Olympic Site.Our tour guide George was alongside to help us with any questions and to feed us information about where everything was going to be he knew alot about what was happening and some information he told was quite unusual and interesting he told us that there was for skeletons found there that were over 3,000 years old and a roman coin that was the size of a five pence piece and they are now all in the museum.The builders are also trying to find the roman road that ran through Straford but are still looking.As the tour started the first thing we saw was where the Velodrome was going to be and also the Bmx events.Close by the Velodrome is where the Basketball arena will be.As we drove on in our tour bus we saw the Stadium Where the track and Field events will be.George said that over 1million people will travel through the entrance.One part that got me interested was when we was shown the aqua events will be held and the roof is looking very good as they have designed it to look like waves on the top.They also need to make the sides of the river wider because they need it for transport as they need materials to build the site to be delivered in by vehicle,boat and train.Things are looking good at the moment as they are ahead of schedule and it should be ready by the summer of 2011.
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