Careers and Post 16

Careers and Post 16
Our 2016 Broadcast
Year 9s visit Nottingham University
10 Academic Scholars visited Cambridge University, where they learnt about life at the university, what's on offer, and how to choose which direction you should take in higher education.
Interview with our Principal, Stuart Williams
Which should you choose, kids or a career?
Is the education system destroying creativity, and forcing us all to think a certain way?
New collaborations, new occupations and new #squad goals, the world of fashion is mixing it up and getting interesting...
On July 8th, Mrs Miles organised a careers event for year 10. It ranged from accountancy and law to veterinary medicine
This year, Catmose held a Career Event, where 10 adults came in to talk about their career, and give an insight into work life
This year, I took part in a week's work experience at a local event management company
An Interview inquiring into what the Head Roles involve
Not Eurovision, that's for sure!
The fashion world may be putting their feet up after the Met Ball, but there are still collections and collaborations of the week to be discovered...
From The Blossom Ball to Maybelline, here is everything you need to know regarding the fashion world this week...
One very special Textiles trip indeed...
From Gisele saying goodbye to the catwalk, to the Minions saying hello - it has been an interesting week in the world of fashion...
From lots of Chanel, to Easter bonnets, social media has been in overdrive with tweets, likes and posts...