I interviewed Lizzy about a film
Will Jackson and his friend Steve go on a hitchiking trip to Malaysia from Salisbury, England.
We interviewed a young man called Will about how he went on a trip to Bulgaria to help the Roma Gypsies that are orphans
story of my travels
What different cultures do
The customs of different religions of how they style their hair.
All about St Patrick's Day
We have been doing a topic on hair through history and came accross these amazing sisters.
We went to a wedding on Friday
Shannon and Margaret talk about what fruit they would sell in a Victorian Greengrocers
Listen to my brilliant programme where I interview victorians
Listen to Margaret talking to the women who fought for women to get the vote
Buddism`s veiw of the environment
These are some of the pictures I have designed.
What were going to do in the summer
As part of the GRT History month, we have been looking at an old tradition - Marriage!
This is the story of a young Gypsy girl in WW2
Settela was a Romani Gypsy girl who was sent to a concentration camp during World War 2. I wrote a diary entry about what her life was like.
The Cool Club help us to edit our stories.