The Food Channel

The Food Channel
Mrs McGowan demonstrates
Mrs McGowan demonstrates
Mrs McGowan demonstrates
Pizza making with Mr Waterworth is cool!!!
8R eat the meal of Seder after researching it for a while. For more info, read on...
We will be exploring the Pros and Cons of technology on Bonfire Night
Dead Dolphins washing up on Gulf Shore
Broadcasting club's day at the BBC
my day at the bbc
Keep them away from Santa!!
Fairtrade goods on sale at break...
The photos and winners of FutureChef 2008 to music
future chef
This story is about the future chef competition, the winners and there dishes.
Future Chef was a competition between pupils in year 9 in Miss Parkinson's class
This story is about the year 9 food group competing in The Future Chef Competition 2008.
This story is about the Year9 food group doing the future chef competition.
As part of British food fortnight we have started a ten pence taster session at break
The new Food Channel at CLASS is great!
This year's round of FutureChef was held (and covered live) last week. Full details to follow
Elections take place on Tuesday 14th October in PSE lessons. See your Form Tutor for details