Robots in War is a Red Cross & Radiowaves competition that asks children & young people to express their thoughts and feelings about current developments in military robotics through video responses.
A interview with one of the most funny men alive, Arthur smith tells Cube all you need to know.
Get inside one the most influential minds of his time
Christina Anderson tells the tragic story of how Dan Aid was created and shares her warning to teenagers considering having a piercing.
The Off the Shelf festival has been bringing a buzz to Sheffield with its vast variety of writing wonders and literary delights for 18 years now. With its up and coming birthday celebration, Maria de Souza takes some time to shoot straight to the heart of
Jack Harrison and Tanya Harris interview Sheffield based film producer Colin Pons about British thriller HUSH which was filmed in a hidden studio in Sheffield. Get an inside look at a great local film and find out what a producer actually does…
Performance poet, wearer of woolly hats and all round strange chap, Callum Coles, delivers a rather surreal broadcast....
Bali talks to Eilidh Brown about gang culture, Bollywood, developing your writing, celebrity authors, Jamie Oliver and much much more...
Do you like animation? Silly question! Listen to this inspirational interview with one of the world famous Pixar Studio's Supervising Animator Mark Walsh. Mark worked on most of the Pixar classics we know and love including Toy Story 2, Monsters Inc., Fi
Amy Wragg talks to Pete McKee about his past and present to find out how anyone can become an inspirational artist.
Haider Khan (AKA Tempa) interviews famous hip hop fusion artist Akala for Cube magazine.
Martha Snow finds out the truth about the 'swearing' disease... from Tourette's Syndrome Specialist Judith Kidd
Hiva Nekokar Interviews Claire Lockwood, Services Coordinator for South Yorkshires Eating Disorders Association to find out why Anorexia is such a dangerous problem for young girls and how the internet can influence eating disorders.
K'naan (AKA The Dusty Foot Philosopher) talks to Cube's Sagal Wasama about his music, working with Damien Marley and his homeland...
Interview with Pat Regan, founder of Leeds group Mothers against Violence (MAV), about the death of her son to gun crime
I spoke to Keith Bakker, of Smith and Jones Addiction Consultants in Amsterdam, the only Addiction Specialists in Europe currently tackling the rising problem of Gaming Addiction in young people.
Long time Sheffield MC, BIG CRITZ, talks to Chelsea Shirtcliffe about his Sheffield’s Hip Hop history with the renowned Hoodz Underground, new albums to check and advice on making it big… Log-on to…