AAC Animation project

A celebration our work - our animations, core words language mates, newsletter and Communication Passports.
Our first newsletter is ready to go to print! We've been working on it for over a year and it is about the work we've been doing for the last 3 years!
I became a Radiowaves reporter today.
Animating Gemma and Lisa's body and haircare scene where Gemma is massaging Lisa and Alasdair and asking questions for their communication passports.
Animating Gemma's pets and horse scene. Props for the LD Parliament scene and Snoopi phone call scene.
Animating putting sounds on the language boards. Spelling with word parts and writing with Write Online.
PowerPoint and Tico - a free program for making linked communication boards with speech output, and it can be scanned by switch users!
Sounds 2 Words. More Word Wall Bingo. Laminating the Eye-Gaze flip chart and Life Plan handout.
Animating Andrew's dive and spelling some of the thought bubbles.
Trying our new MacBook Pro! Thank you Big Challenge! We love its shiny bright screen and it is a dream to work on!
Today's log is of Andrew's storyboard for our new animation The Language Givers, and Gemma's Questionnaire for the Communication Passports we want to make for our friends.
Me and Rob word-searching the lyrics of Anastacia's 'Left Outside Alone' and The Beatles 'A Little Help from My Friends' for Core Words using our Word Wall and paper Language Displays.
This movie is of my PowerPoint talk about how I communicate. I gave it at college in February to help my teachers know how to help me, and it is my late entry to International AAC Month 2009.
This movie is our campaign presentation that I gave to Big Challenge in December and the Learning Disability Parliament in February.
Language Stealers reveals the real barriers to communication for learners with speech and motor impairments as being no access to language and literacy.
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