History Month

History Month
Will Jackson and his friend Steve go on a hitchiking trip to Malaysia from Salisbury, England.
We interviewed a young man called Will about how he went on a trip to Bulgaria to help the Roma Gypsies that are orphans
story of my travels
We've collected a few of our favourite pictures of wagons and trailers. We hope you enjoy them!
Learn about our travels to the Christian Convention in Coventry last year.
I have written a poem about travelling in the past.
To celebrate History Month, this is a poem about travelling in the past
As part of the GRT History month, we have been looking at an old tradition - Marriage!
This video shows us learning about life as a Traveller in the old days.
Travellers in the olden days were allowed to use different language in school compared to what we are allowed to now.
We have been thinking about the diferences of our parents' lives and ours.
Modern Gypsy Music In London
I am a young Gypsy girl and I am scared of going to the camp.
This is the story of a young Gypsy girl in WW2
Settela was a Romani Gypsy girl who was sent to a concentration camp during World War 2. I wrote a diary entry about what her life was like.
We learned about what happened to the Jews and Gypsies and Travellers duriing the holocaust.
Growing Up - our ideas of what we wanted to be
Some Words Travellers Use Called The Cant...
We have been interviewing members of our family
We have been discussing the similarities and differences between the Travelling culture, present and past