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International Day of the Girl is a day in which the United Nations is launching a campaign to advertise empowering and educating girls around the world. This day was established so that people would become more knowledgeable on the subject of girls educa
Tomorrow is the International Day of the Girl (IDG). The International Day of the Girl is a way of raising support and awareness for those less fortunate than us, to promote gender equality, and to speak out against gender bias. Many other organizations w
The international day of the girl is a day that is marked to celebrate the existence of all girls. For my basic math girls+education poster, I wrote: girls+education= color. I wrote this because
International Day of the Girl is a day organized by the 10x10 project to help raise awareness for girls and education. It is to demonstrate and make people realize just how important educating girls is to the world. Various sub-projects are in progress al
IDG stands for International Day of the Girl, which is a day when the world can come together and cherish our girls and the values that they bring. I am involved with the International Day of the Girl because I believe it is a revolutionary and completely
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How has Valley Forge's weather changed since 1778?
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It's a time of war and uncertainty in the British Colonies. How do you fare?