World War 2

World War 2
Written, Directed and Organised by my horrible history crew!
Personal experiences of War
Wednesday 6th April saw year 8 Woolmer Hill students descent on the Museum for the opening of this year's Holocaust exhibition
A series of recordings of members of the Doric Club.
Students at Alexandra High School spend a fun filled day based around the Second World War.
Four war veterans came to our school to talk to us about how they took part in the war.
Meeting the veterans
Four world war two veterans came in to talk to us about their expieriences and memories.
four gentlemen have come in to talk to us about the R.A.F and the war!
Normandy Landings of June 1944
We invited people from the local community to come toa tea party to hear all about the project we have been doing.
Rudi is a Holocaust survivor who came to our school to share his amazing story with us.
Facts about the gosfield bombing by Alex.S Charlotte.B, Rory.O, Oscar.J, Daniel.P and Toni.B
A recording of an assembly for Year 7 & 8 in Remembrance Week
WW2 Reports
We are currently reporting from Thailand, our first stop was the Thailand/Burma 'death railway.' Post your responses to our film here!
Watch Day 2's documentary. We travelled to Hell Fire Pass, Thailand.
To find out more about the biggest Prisoner of War break-out in history watch our video.
The final stop on our visit was to the Yokahama Commonwealth War Cemetery to see the graves of allied troops who died in Japan.
We were lucky enough to meet a survivor and find out more about his thoughts on the war
Come with us on our tour of the Hiroshima peace museum and find out more about the dropping of the A-bomb