Community News

Community News
Hi my name is Jordan this serise
with 3 leading brands of 3d pens on the market, which one will make it to the top and become the best seller!
award winning author Marcus Sedgwick
Reading Cafe pupils meet Chris Priestley
Reading Cafe meet Malorie Blackman
The Great White Shark has survived an array of disasters during the last few million years, including several ice ages, which saw the extinction of many animals. Yet it is unlikely to survive its biggest threat to date... us.
Mary's Meals is a charity that helps feed children from poorer countries.
Please Pick A Challenge for my video
The story of one of the worlds most critticly endangered amimals.
I read an article the other day about how British people were voted the ugliest in the world. This simply isn't true!
we take a look at bullying at school
If you can't remember who I am, I don't blame you!
Our school is in the process of applying for its second green flag. Find out more about why this is such an important achievement...
This story was getting too many views and was actually useless. It's been suspended until i can source a weekly digital bulletin.