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An anonymous person has been dropping American dimes on the field and on the floors of JPGS for probably no reason or maybe as a sign.....Nope its got to be for no reason. Anyway Ayham Jarrah has collected 3 of these coins and we would all love to know wh
Mr.Nowell and his team of boys and girls have worked really hard during traing and matches at other schools. On the 8th of May they will laeve for the final match.Wish them all a goodluck!
Happily and truly I am going to Canada and leave the school forever. After 10 years of jeddah I am finally leaving, but will always come and visit the school.
Pupils are not allowed to sell sweets in school. Anyone caught will not be smelling or selling so sweet!
In the first term we had an average of 7 people joining radiowaves and in the second term we had an average of 13 people joining radiowaves but in the last term we have an average of 5 people joining radiowaves
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