3rd Mar 15 17:15
Have you guys heard there is going to be a new series of the next step. I am so excited what about you? Most of you guys have heard about the next step and if YOU ARE A SUPER FAN go and watch the snea...
15th Dec 14 12:49
This Christmas I am not doing anything I might just wake up at 10:30 am and go and enjoy my breakfast but like you , you might go and unwrap your presents.I do not celebrate Christmas but I still enjo...
28th Nov 14 17:33
Being kind is free.You don't have to pay anything to be kind.It's totally free.Being unkind is bad.So there will be consequences .When your kind to someone they will act kind back.When your unkind to ...
6th Nov 14 12:27
This exam is for anyone who wants to join the Mackie Mag.1) Write a short paragraph about a book that you like.2) Come up with a suitable title for the story below.Leopards main predetors are humans. ...
10th Jul 14 12:46
Tell me about your y fliker and if you want one what colour would it be? ????????????????
27th Jun 14 20:44
Here are my top ten favourite summer songs:1. Holiday2. Paradise 3. Gettin' Around4. Yellow Submarine5. Walking on SunshineFor my full story, pictures, reviews and a poll, click on this link: https://...
27th Jun 14 19:13
Choose which one is your favourite.!
26th Jun 14 12:54
I am doing a challenge to enter all of the Summer Camp badges and win them for each badge I enter I will make a blog and a story. Wish me luck!
20th Jun 14 14:27
On the 19th of May we went to Robin Hood Bay we played in the water we did rock pooling I found 2 crabs and seaweed.
12th Jun 14 12:47
We have confirmed that Cricketpro08 will be joining the Mackie Mag!