10th Mar 09 14:37
today we had a curriculum day.  first we done singing with miss mudge after we done music with mr lovell and after we done animations with mr hiscox
10th Mar 09 14:13
curriculum day is better than normal days because it is funner
10th Mar 09 14:12
Today we had curiculum day, we have it every half term. At the start of the day we had Mr Lovell and we were playing the Jemba Drums, people from 7k came and recorded us and then different people from...
10th Mar 09 14:11
curriculum day had been better than normal days,because we have done more fun lessons.
10th Mar 09 14:09
2day i played on the drums in music,
then i had 2 sing in french a languge,
then i learned how 2 do my own radio wave.
10th Mar 09 13:59
Today i had the best day.the class also me made a song with african drums it was cool.then we had to sing a song in french i didnt realy like it but in the end i liked it because i started to understa...
24th Feb 09 20:30
I finally got a camera with more than 3.1 megapixels!
To see some of my photos just click here;
14th Jan 09 16:24
All year 11 students were today given an extra Maths lesson as part of the move to raise the Maths results now that we have Maths as an Academy Specialism.
The atmosphere was brilliant, with the stud...
14th Jan 09 16:23
Today was a day of historical note for year 11. For the first time the year 11 had a fourth maths lesson to help them with their upcoming GCSE.
14th Jan 09 16:22