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My class and I made Leek and Potato soup.
In this blog I will tell you how to make potato and leek soup, I also tell you how I reacted to the soup.
I think ........................
I vote red seeds
I think that the blue seeds are the rocket seeds
On Sunday I went to The Imperi War Museum in central london.
My class and I planted some vegetables.
My class and me planted vegetables.
For waste week 2017 our group is doing posters to put up all up around the school
Our class planted vegetable seeds
For Waste Week 2017. We organized an Upcycling Competition
on a fact finding mission about landfill and wormery
Our class planted vegetable seeds in school garden.
For Waste week 2017 me and TerraKing done advantages of recycling.
This year primary 4/5 did a Waste week assembly in front of the school
Our class planted vegtable seeds
For waste week we weighed the food which was heavy (And disgusting)
I think the blue seeds were in space
For waste week 2017 I was in the litter pickers we made posters and put them around the school
Rocket Science
How to carry out the experiment
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