9th Feb 14 21:24
This is my finished composition , which is made completely from scratch in GarageBand! The lyrics you hear are entirely my own, and the string parts (consisting of viola parts, violin parts and at tim...
2nd Feb 14 16:31
The club I have done for the longest at school is taiko drumming - a traditional Japanese drumming. I joined in year 7 and I continue to go to this day.Taiko is one of the few clubs that I am aware o...
28th Jan 14 21:09
This is a little taster of my composition, which is made completely from scratch in GarageBand! What I have posted is the intro melody, which is made up of entirely strings, the first verse and the ve...
22nd Jan 14 11:42
:) for Christmas I've got an ocarina for Christmas a few weeks ago I've been playing songs from Legend Of Zelda every week. I also know silent night on it. I want to show my skills on stage once I've ...
21st Jan 14 21:23
You could say what I have done is very brave, very daring – or very, very, stupid. In my music lessons that my form has one lesson of every week, we have a choice of four topics to cover independent...
14th Jan 14 21:03
Ever since a fairly young age, I’ve always had a love for music: I would listen to random songs off CDs that I would find in the CD rack at home for long periods of time, and I began to learn my first...
18th Nov 13 08:15
in last weeks lesson we had to go into our groups and think of the songs that we wanted to play and figure out how we would them together and how thery would and start.
17th Nov 13 19:44
I think we worked well in the lesson despite the fact that we did not learn the Music we did do a lot of research on the song including the order of the chords and what to play. I had to learn some mo
17th Nov 13 18:01
mondays lesson was good now my group knows everything that they are playing and what notes to play
17th Nov 13 17:28
In my music lesson we got into our groups and went our rooms. In our rooms we were practicing our music. We got some things done but still need to work on more.