The UK team's videos
Due to recent Government spending cuts, the price of Public Transport has risen!
My report for Network News Day in the UK
See what the team got up to!
Day 1 of Network News Week
We report on the loss of our physics result by AQA.
Just a few questions about England's videos for Network News day!
You could win some Radiowaves goodies!!!
You could win a Flip camera for your school!
See who won the awards!
The highlights from Network News Week!
As all seasons, winter has its pluses and minuses. In this video we'll tell you about this year winter in our country! Enjoy! :)
now you can see how you cook african/ persian food
They go. We stay. Families speak
Again a short video of how the news should look like ... or NOT
Day 1 of Network News Week
Due to recent Government spending cuts, the price of Public Transport has risen!
On March 15 there was the Sports Day at Kraslava State GYmnasium Latvia when both teachers and students took part in different games and activities. Have a look at how it was.
Our interviews about the school production!
A story about ecology, saving energy etc.
Network News Week blogs!
22nd Mar 11 10:21
We were really hardworking today , and basically we still are. Filming, editing, writing scripts, learning scripts, interviewing and so on. The man part of the team is really active because girls don'...
22nd Mar 11 09:47
1.Find Slovenia! (look at the picture)a)yellow country b) black country c) red country d) green country2.Which are our neighbouring countries?___
21st Mar 11 10:02
Finally, Network news week has BEGUN! Starting with England! (that's us)So, what can you look forward to today? Well, we have a rap battle, a quiz, info on the upcoming Olympics, and intervi
21st Mar 11 10:25
Today, the 21st of march, is England's network news day! We will be filming lots of things today including: 'sick rap battle', an insanely hard quiz, a report on our school visit to south Africa and o...
22nd Mar 11 08:42
We are in the middle of a major creative process or in short a lot of arguments which take us one step closer to the cause. Some films have been edited, some blogs are being written and we are lo
Watch the video and check yourself in quiz about Poland.
School life one hour before the kick off
More great reports!
Would you like to know something about Latvia? This is your chance... Enjoy it!
This video represents our view on Slovenia !
Now this should be interesting !
Something about our school...
Earth Hour !!!
Slovenia's reports
Now this should be interesting !
This video represents our view on Slovenia !
Meet the teams!
Meet the German network news team...
A welcome from our team in England
Meet the Network News team from Jesenice
An introduction from our team in Kraslava!
A welcome from everyone in Poland!
Sports reports in German!
I had an interview with my German ambassador about how I found the S2R Languages course
Wir haben am 30.01.2011 ein internationales Fußballspiel angsehen