16th Jun 11 13:06
Our school was chosen to take part in the dont just sit there project and i was so relieved.Caroline and the hull college students worked so hard at building up our confidence and helping us perform t...
21st May 11 12:24
I bet it was good. I hope everyone enjoyed it, sadly I wasn't there,I couldn't even make it to watch you all do your fab dancing because I was in Leeds, getting ready to go to Leeds Bradford Airport o...
18th May 11 16:18
How was the performance at kc? I bet it was good I wish I saw the game!!!
16th May 11 17:53
you gotto dance or do somthing to keep fit
26th Apr 11 10:15
On good Friday we went to the KC to do the fantastic dance on the pitch. Everyone was very nervous but after we all felt proud. The T shirts were great! I was so glad I did it. Me and all my friends t...
24th Apr 11 08:45
I felt sick< I had to many butterflies in my stomach it hurt but it went brilliantly. My Mum and Sister came to me. They really enjoyed the dance but got bored at the game!!
22nd Apr 11 22:00
After weeks of hard work and determination we finally performed on the pitch at half time everybody should be proud of themselves WELL DONE!
22nd Apr 11 18:42
We did the dance today it was so exiting I couldn't believe how many people were there I wasn't nervous just really,really exited it was really fun we got everything right the moves the beats no rushe...
22nd Apr 11 15:48
Hi I love dancing
15th Apr 11 16:26
iloved the dance it was awesome and fun :D:D:D:D:D