Breaking the world record for most people signing and singing at the same time!
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9th Dec 14 17:47
In Year 6 today, we managed to upload 22 reporters and their profile pictures. It was great to see everyone really focussed and interested in makewaves. Now these reporters need to login again, go to ...
24th Oct 14 15:05
On the afternoon of Tuesday 21st October, Year 5 visited Monk's Walk for a concert performed by visiting students from the Hague and MW musicians. We did a little mashup with MW's Year 7s and a round...
24th Oct 14 16:28 on the link above to hear some of the sounds from the concert.
21st Mar 14 18:07
This afternoon we ran a ukelele workshop in partnership with Herts Music Service. 10 adults and 19 children, some as young as six, were led brilliantly by Eric in a first-ever family music workshop. C...
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18th Dec 12 20:35
Live on stage at the Forum, our brave choir of 8! We had a dressing room all to ourselves, with our own kitchen, shower and toilet. After much practising and grub, plus playing 5 second rule, with so...
21st Jan 13 16:13
This is the result of work done in one lesson by groups in Year 3. They were each given a layer of a picture from Music Express 3 for which to compose sounds. This recording is a class performance of...
22nd Jan 13 16:49
Listen to Obsiwana and Funmje being performed by Year 4. They have worked hard to listen to each other, keep the pulse, keep their part going, whilst watching the conductor. I think you might tell tha...
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