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Jimmy is obsessed with pineapples!
Blizzards have caused major disruption in parts of north America, with schools, shops and government offices being forced to close.
Arsenal were beaten 2-1 away at Porto in the first leg of their last-16 Champions League match.
Hurray! I'm Reporter of the Month in March 2010!!!
A massive earthquake with an 8.8 magnitude has hit Chile in South America.
A huge iceberg which broke off the Antarctic could affect penguins and seals, scientists have warned.
A trainer has died after being attacked by a killer whale at the SeaWorld park in Orlando, Florida.
On Tuesday 9th March, myself and a couple of other people in my class went to the EuroQuiz!
Yay! I've got a phone!
Not long ago, I had an idea about how the Earth's Crust was made. Since it is Science Week, I'll share it with all of you!
This story is about my cousin his name is Callum
this story is about what my perfect day would be and why.
Who do you like better?
Another pancake poem.
What are you doing to raise money?
Pls look and vote now.
I know it's not Winter but I just have to put this on.
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Our Interview With Mrs Leslie
Planet Pitreavie rocks!
A huge welcome to all new reporters on Planet Pitreavie. I look forward to reading all your fantastic stories on Makewaves! We need stories to feature on our school page. So come on! What are you waiting for?
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know any facts?
a old chinese tale
There are some amazing facts
Here is some interesting facts about Eco school
my recommendations of makewaves!
A Poem I Wrote
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