Gresham's 2018 Scholar announced

One lucky Venture student has been offered the 2018/19 Gresham's Scholarship...

One lucky Venture student has been offered the 2018/19 Gresham's scholarship; Douglas Robb - Headmaster of Gresham's - has offered Tyler Munro (Year 11) the chance to study on a full-funded scholarship lasting two years.

The process for this major achievement started with 6 students submitting an application. Elizabeth Haddleton, alongside Simon Gilbert-Barnham (Principal of Ormiston Venture Academy) and Douglas Robb offered all 6 applicants a place in the semi-final whereby they spent the day at Gresham's to learn about what it's like and how their day works.

After interviews and essays, the 6 students were finalised into 3. These were: Cameron H, Tyler M and Jessica B. As Cameron was lucky enough to attend the 2016 Year 10 residential, Jessica and Tyler then went on a residential to the prestigious North Norfolk school to further experience the life of a Greshamian.

One final assessment and an interview were conducted to select the lucky student, announced at Ormiston Venture Academy on 14th March 2018.

Congratulations Tyler!
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