Venture's own Youth Parliamentary candidate

The 2018 UK Youth Parliament elections are upon us...

The 2018 UK Youth Parliament elections are upon us and our very own Head Boy is a candidate for the scheme. Cameron H decided to take place in late December and has so far partaken in an hard and enduring process to campaign to gain the votes of his peers.

You can #VoteCam from the 19 - 23 March 2018 via:

In aid of this, our Head Girl, Tyler M agreed to interview him and here are his answers:

For those who are unfamiliar with the scheme, what is Youth Parliament?
UK Youth Parliament is a scheme, first set up in 1998, that allows member of the UK youth to have their democratic say and spread the youth voice.

Why do you want to be the youth representative for East Norfolk?
I want to be the youth representative for East Norfolk because I believe that youth voice isn't as widely broadcast as it could be - particularly in this area. I know for a fact that I could change this and help our youth to have their democratic say but also make the changes that they want (within reason).

Why do you think we should vote for you?
I think you should vote for me because I am passionate about making changes for the better and implementing schemes or practices that will make true difference. I want to make youth be seen AND heard.

What are your three main policies?
My three main policies are:
  • Encouragement of more LGBT youth support groups in our area.
  • Raise awareness about mental health in young people.
  • Improvement of the facilities and accessibility for disabled
Although, all of my policies can be found on my webpage:

In three words, what are your best qualities?
Persistent, Confident and Approachable

In case people want to find out more, where can they go?
If you want to contact me or find out more about my campaign, you can use either of the following:
Twitter - @CameronHoddsYPC
Webpage -

Audio interview will be available soon!

Thank you for reading.
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