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Radiowaves in the 2020’s.

To look forward, you have to look back.

What better time than now to look forward to where you see Radiowaves in ten years time?

We’ve just entered a new decade, a time to reflect on the past ten years, but also to look ahead and imagine what life will be like in another ten. With all the recent TV programs celebrating “The noughties” and discussion surrounding where we see ourselves in ten years time, i’ve decided to create my own story on where i see our very own website, currently playing a huge part in my life, and one which will be following thousands of people right through their school career over the next ten years. Radiowaves.

I think the best way to do this is to look back ten years, to the tipping point of the technological advancements that caused Radiowaves to come about. A lot has changed since then, we rely on the media to stay aware of the world around us, and to entertain us, and social networking websites to keep in touch with friends. Life has become much more technologically dependent. When we want to have a conversation with some friends, no longer do we have to go and meet them, instead we just log on to the computer and chat over the internet. Nobody did this ten years ago.

It was only when i was about six that i discovered what a computer was, yet it wasn’t until i was about ten that we actually got one in our house. When i was in primary six, our class was given a “SMART Board” something i’m sure you are completely familiar with. We were one of the first classes to have one, and for me, this was when technology was first introduced to the class room. It was used in most of our lessons and we experimented with different ways which we could use it, including puzzles & games, interactive animations, audio editing, and more. This was when Radiowaves was born.

Radiowaves, a small business based in Leeds, set out to create a safe podcasting site for schools. It’s aim was to develop all sorts of skills through technology in the classroom, but keep it fun. They provided the tools, you provided the content - Your imagination was the limit. When the original website was launched, i would have still been in primary six, completely unaware of it. It wasn’t until three years later, when i moved up to high school and noticed an advert for the new school radio station. Thinking i would get to fiddle with lots buttons and wear cool looking headphones, i went, and ended up creating a technology podcast with my friend, Jack.

At this time, the Radiowaves site was three years old so i’m afraid i’m going to have to start from here. The site was bland compared to what it is now, with limited functions and a much smaller community. By making video reviews, Jack and myself were breaking the norm of the audio-only Radiowaves. During this first year, the site continued to improve with new networks launching and more features being added all the time. By January 24th 2010 we had a site with adverts, panel customisation, channels, news feeds, live broadcasts and a huge community, but this was about to get even better.

With the recent launch of the new site, the biggest change the Radiowaves has ever seen, we have even more functions and a free version which is sure to get even more schools signed up. The change from the first site, to the current is such a huge difference it would be hard to associate the two with each other. These changes have taken place over just 5/6 years, so it’s hard to imagine what it will be like in another ten! Advancements in technology will lead the way - Maybe we’ll have a holographic site which will project around us in 3D or maybe we’ll be the first radio station to report from the moon?! Who knows!

Some of you who are a couple of years younger than me will have used computers and technology since you started school, and will continue to use it right through your school career. Radiowaves will be with you the whole way, and provide a platform for you to record your time in school and develop your skill for when you leave. You may be wondering why i haven't actually told you my vision of Radiowaves in 2020, but that's because it's not me that will be shaping it - It's you. Why should I speculate, when it's you who holds the answers? You are the future of Radiowaves, and it’s up to you to shape what Radiowaves will be in 2020!

What do you think Radiowaves will be like in 2020? Share your answers below!
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Michelle - Radiowaves says...
This is very insightful Lewis - a really well written reflection piece :-)
09 February 10