Piotr Borys MEP: responses to our questions

Polish MEP Piotr Borys has answered the questions we came up with...

My Europe Project: Questions to our MEP
Answers from Piotr Borys MEP

1. Comenius and My Europe are projects which have been running over the past two years between Poland, Slovenia, Germany and the UK. We have visited each country and experienced life through different perspectives. What do you think about projects like these?

Projects like My Europe are excellent idea and they seem to be a true reflection of the EU integration. Multi-cultural relations are the most important, considering the fact that new EU statement is: "United in diversity".

2. Do you think more opportunities should be provided in our school and local areas to carry on these experiences? How could these opportunities be provided?

Certainly, more opportunities should be provided and this is a task for the Parliament and Commission.

3. Has your opinion of Europe and your identity as a European changed since becoming an MEP?

My identity as a European has strengthened since Poland has accessed EU and since I became MEP my European identity fulfilled.

4. How and when did you become an MEP, and what are your responsibilities?

I became an MEP in 2009. I was elected in my Lower Silesia region.

5. What is your favourite EU country, apart from your own, and why?

France. Because of the culture that I deeply became acquainted with. When I was a Vice Marshal of my region in Poland (Lower Silesia) I cooperated a lot with Alzace, a French region.

6. How many languages do you speak?

My mother tongue is Polish. I also speak English and I learn French.

Specific questions from Polish students:

7. We think that we need better roads and a highway system in Poland, and we also think the country needs a new football stadium.

What can you and/or the EU do to help to provide these?

In 5 years perspective I believe we will have better highway system as new strategy has now been worked up by the Commission.

Poland does need a new stadium and by the end of 2012 we will have 4 new stadiums, that will meet the UEFA standards.
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