My tour of Ibrox

DJ Wee on tour at Rangers stadium

Hi I am dj wee I am going to tell you about my tour of Ibrox. Wednesday the 24th of March my class got to walk up the marble stairs at the main stand. As we were approaching the top of the marble staircase the old Rangers players’ names were on the wall. When we got to the top of the stair we went into the blue room it was made out of the wood of the Queen Mary. The blue room had some achievements that they earned from matches. On the walls there were chairman’s, managers and captains. Then we walked to the trophy room. We didn’t get to see the League cup trophy that they just earned because it was away getting washed. I got to see all the other trophy and gifts that other teams gave them.
After that we went down to the changing rooms and that is also made from the Queen Mary. We sat down were they get changed. After that we went to the dugout to sit and look at the pitch. Then we sat in the press room and I got to sit were Walter Smith sits then we went back to the study centre
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