Terminator Salvation - film review

My second review, this is for the newish terminator salvation

Terminator Salvation took a long time to make, the film has some fascination graphics, really cool fighting scenes and a really good story. Unlike the other Terminator films this one is based after skynet has taken over, which is better in my opinion. The terminators are as bad as ever with the T-600s with their mini guns and the HK's (Hunter Killers) and the never before seen harvester. People were wondering whether Arnold Schwarzenegger was going to appear in this film, and just when you think he isn't he does, although he is only in the film for about a minute until his skin is blasted off and all that remains is the terminator within.

From my own opinion I think this film is great it has plenty of action and has got to be the best terminator yet, I mean the resistance actually launches an attack on the Skynet facility near L.A. You get to see Hk's getting destroyed terminators terminating and of course the T-800 and John Connor fight, even though the terminator wins it still gets terminated. The film is ironic considering a machine actually saves the day, I recommend this film for you action lovers out there.

My rating is: 8 out of 10
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