Lunch time news

Lunchtime news
Falkland Hill Erupts

Falkland residents were forced to flee their homes early this morning when Falkland Hill unexpectedly erupted.

Deafening explosions shook the whole of Fife.

Red-hot lava shot hundreds of feet into the air and rained down on surrounding villages.

Reporter Laura Muirhead is at the scene with Chief Fire Fighter Alison Hughes,

“The community has been devastated with burning rivers of lava destroying everything in their path!”

All the roads in this area have been closed in case of further eruptions.

Big Cat Causes Chaos at Carleton
In Other News
Janitor Stephen Mitchell discovered enormous paw prints in the snow behind Carleton Primary School this morning.

Moments later he saw a dark cat-like shadow darting into the bushes and immediately went to investigate.

Janitor – “I managed to lure the big cat into the gym with meat from the school kitchen and then phoned Edinburgh zoo.”

Sound effects – big cat sound during interview.

School wins £100,000 at McDonalds!

A healthier menu was introduced at McDonalds yesterday, so primary six pupils went to investigate.

A golden ticket worth £100,000 was discovered in one of the healthy lunchables by pupil, Chloe Brown.

The school is delighted to have won such an amazing amount of money and will hold a meeting with the Pupil Council to discuss how to spend it.

Sound effects – Sound Of Till

Extra at 80s Extravaganza Excited Everyone

Dolly Parton surprised Carleton pupils last night by turning up to see her tribute act performing in the annual Primary 7 show.

Staff and pupils couldn’t believe that the country and western superstar would take time out of her busy schedule to attend an amateur performance.

11-year-old Rhiannon Mitchell sang ‘9 to 5’ to a packed audience before meeting her idol on the stage.

· Rhiannon – “I was in a state of shock. I couldn’t believe I was actually standing right next to her.”

After the show Dolly signed autographs before being whisked.

Sound effects – Play 9 to 5 as background music.

Carleton – A Rights Respecting School

Carleton primary school is one of the first schools in Fife to receive Unicef’s Right Respecting School Award.

Unicef’s Education Officer Bruce Wilkinson at a special award ceremony presented the certificate this morning.

A number of specially invited guests, including senior manager Tony Finn attended the ceremony along with pupils, staff and representatives from the Parent Council.

· Interview - Louise Elder from Carleton FM spoke to Head teacher Linda Donnelly.
· Sound Effect - Cheer
And finally
Trail Leads Police to Thoughtless Thieves

Overnight snow for once assisted the police instead of adding to their problems.

Glenrothes Police arrested three youths in the early hours of this morning for breaking into a car.

The police were able to follow a trail of footprints left in the snow leading them straight to the thieves.

The careless criminals were stunned to be caught so quickly and still can’t understand where they went wrong!

Anchor person - Kara Lafferty

On location Interviews –
Laura Muirhead interviewed Alison Hughes
Louise Elder Interviewed Linda Donnelly
Kara Lafferty Interviewed Jake Allan (The Janitor)

Themed Music –
World News
Kara sings 9 to 5
Cops and Robbers

Sound Effects –
Volcanic eruption
Emergency Vehicles
Big cat
Cash register

Script writers –
Alison Hughes
Rhiannon Mitchell
Kara Lafferty
Daniella Mitchell

Editors –
Jake Allan
Laura Muirhead
Louise Elder
Chloe Brown

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