What About Sport in Europe?

We interview Bill Butler a member of the Scottish Parliament and Gilian Cooke a world champion athlete of Bobsleigh!

Sport in Europe
Yesterday we interviewed Bill Butler a member of the Scottish parliament and ask him some questions about sport in Europe:
_What are the provisions concerning health and sports in Scotland and Europe?

_Does Europe give a financial support to organise big events such as Commonwealth Games or the Olympics games?... ... ...

Then we went to the Edinburgh stadium to interview Gilian Cooke a famous athlete of bobsleigh. We ask her some questions about the same theme:sport in Europe,like :
_Where did you train and compete in Europe?What did you most enjoy there and why?

_Being an international athlete, can you tell us about the differences between training home and training abroad?

Then if you want to know the answers of our questions see our video!
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