Primary School Swimming Championships

Our package to the whole day!

Deekaaa + Hopeyy, Montage of audio and images
Myself, Hopeyy and Deekaaaa worked together at the Primary School Swimming Championships on the 4th April 2008.

This was a great experience to be able to get up close with another sport and have the chance to report, interview and blog on todays events. The children were amazing, just to see children younger than ourselves achieve something amazing was really enspiring and to also see all the supporters who were there for their own children but also for the other children attending the races.

Our package is a mixture of audio and images to show what we have done throughout the day, we have interviewed a couple of parents and also child swimmers and asked them how they felt towards their achievements and how they first ever got into swimming! we wish the young swimmers the best of luck for the future and that they achieve all they want too including their swimming!

we would like to say thank you to Glyn and Katy for getting us and other amazing oppurtunity. Another thank you to Sarah and Sereda for there help and support towards us throughout the day!
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Vera Terry Gorton says...
Hi Hope. Again a good commentry on the swimming,the pictures were excellent, we are very proud of you. lots of love Nana Grandad xxxx
04 May 08
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