Day 2 Video - Thailand - 'Hell Fire pass'

Watch Day 2's documentary. We travelled to Hell Fire Pass, Thailand.

Hell fire pass - day 2
It was day 2 in Thailand and people were just about adjusting to the heat, some better than others. But we will be off to a slightly cooler clime soon!
The day started off with the usual 7:30 wakeup and the 8:00 breakfast followed by the 9:00 coach. We traveled for 1 hour to the Hell fire pass memorial museum. (The river Kwai, it's bridge and Hellfire pass all conveniantly local.) The museum was slightly spartan in it's design, but this helped add a feeling of calm to the museum.
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Abdul Khalid says...
If might be interesting for you all to know that the Death Railway claimed the live of some Malaysia people. Speaking recently to some Malay people in Sarawak about the death Railway they immediately remembered relatives who had died there. The horror of what happened there affected many people in this region
23 April 08
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Emma, Sophie and Christopher Eglinton says...
Letters from America!!
Well actually just a note to Charlotte and all - brilliant documentary! The cicadas and crickets are so loud we could almost smell the heat. 'Can't imagine how anyone could be forced to work there. You are all extremely lucky to 'experience history!
27 April 08
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Mr Andrew McAulay says...
An excellent video and it is absolutely fantastic that you were able to empathise with the people who had to endure this episode in history. There are some interesting points being made about whether more of the Far East in World War Two should be taught in schools - in fact there are hardly any examination boards which include it for major study and hardly appears in textbooks or in study sessions at museums e.g. Imperial War Museum which I visit quite regularly with classes.
07 May 08
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Jane says...
enjoyed it....just a comment..when talking span around and see scenery as you talk rather than just focus on more of where you are...but was good!
10 June 09
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