Day 11 - ANZAC Day

We remembered with 27,000 Australians as they paid tribute to their soldiers past and present, we are thinking about Australia's national identity.

Day 11 - ANZAC
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Dan at TPYF says...
Wow, what a great film to finish the trip with. You probably won't get this until you are back in the UK, but it has been fascinating watching all of your insights and your awareness of the issues grow throughout the trip. ANZAC Day looked really special and I think that this film is a really fitting tribute to the whole group's commitment throughout (and Katy's hard work in getting them posted swiftly), not to mention to the spirit of remembrance shown on ANZAC Day itself.

I hope the journey back isn't too painful!! Travel safe.

Well done.
25 April 08
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sareda says...
I am always amazed at the professionalism of the work, especially as I know how packed your itinery is! How do you find the time?

Very moving and well-filmed. Thanks for sharing it with us...
27 April 08
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Sue Mitchell says...
Good to see this film and to listen to the final radio broadcast too - I think you all have worked hard and have learnt alot, giving us information (both academic and emotional) in a truly professional, absorbing manner. I have learnt from your experiences and am inspired to read more of the Burma Railway, especially. I remember the impact of reading "A Town Like Alice" as a teenager and also of a veteran of the Railway in our village when I was young, he was a very thin, never 100% healthy; seemingly troubled,sad man and your reporting has helped me understand why he was as he was. I look forward to hearing more on your return today and in May.
27 April 08
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