Farm to Fork Day

Farm to fork day was a great opportunity for the younger pupils at Beverley High School to learn a bit about food and farming.

Here at Beverley High School, the year sevens participated in a Farm to Fork Day - an opportunity to learn about organic food, healthy eating and also where the food you eat comes from.

This is an annual event that younger pupils enjoy in several ways. Here on High Life, we tasted a cooked breakfast that included low fat sausages (who knew?) and high fibre toast. With the orange juice and beans, this meant all students had two of their five a day along with a filling breakfast to get their brains working!

Other activities available for the pupils include, fun fact sheets and quizzes along with an inspirational talk by our school nurse. All other lessons were farm themed! As the school juniors tuck into their delicious meal, we go and see what they think of it all (including an interview with event organiser Mrs Brooke)…
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