European Championships

This is about the European Championships

The European 100m race was a fantastic competition. Christophe Lemaitre ended up winning it and Phillips Idowu won the triple jump. To be truthful, l am more interested about 100m so I will tell you about that. The 100m was extremely tight. One of the tight heats was between Dwain Chambers heat 1, the people in the order of this heat shown, they actually came this place .First was Dwain Chambers ran with an astonishing time of 10.21. In second place came Ronald Pogon with a time of 10.46. In third place came Robert Kubaczyk with a time of 10.51. In fourth place came Ronalds Arajs with a time of 10.52. In fifth place came Jesper Simonsen with a time of 10.62. After him came Tom Kling Baptiste with a time of 10.64. Last in the heat came Jan Veleba with a time of 10.68. It was an astonishing heat every one performed well but sadly Dwain chambers who was the in the lead seemed in good shape. But the finals proved to be tough for him as he did not perform as well as expected. In first place came Christophe Lemaitre with 10.19.Mark Lewis Francis with 10.23.Fabio Cerutti with 10.38. Jason Smyth with 10.43.Dariusz Kuc with 10.53.Mikhail Idrisov 10.62.and Izzet Safer with 10.68. It was a fantastic heat the first 3 went through. The quarter finals were extremely good Christophe Lemaitre heat was tight again but Christophe Lemaitre could handle it. Christophe Lemaitre ran 10.06 for the semi finals a Emmanuelle di Gregerio came second with 10.19, and mark Lewis Francis made 3rd with 10.21,they sailed to the finals. In finals it was the tightest race of the competition. They said on your marks get set go. Dwain chambers got a beautiful start was really pumping.Emmanulle di Gregrio staying behind, and Simone Coolio stopped as he had an injury. Dwain chambers was pumping to the line but slowed down and Christophe Lemaitre took a win with ease. Here were the results
1. Christophe Lemaitre (France) 10.11
2. Mark Lewis-Francis (Britain) 10.18
3. Martial M'Banjock (France) 10.18
4. Francis Obikwelu (Portugal) 10.18
5. Dwain Chambers (Britain) 10.18
6. Jaysuma Saidy Ndure (Norway) 10.31
7. Emanuele Di Gregorio (Italy) 10.34
. Simone Collio (Italy) DNF

And that was the European Championships.
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