SAD: S*uper *Annoying D*umbo. It all began in super weird upside down house, with a super annoying Dumbo doing a super annoying dance. So far the story starts completely crazy but the truth is to be found along the way as the Super Annoying Dumbo changes, he starts of weird and ends up like George III (super crazed). Lets start from the beginning, well *SAD was at home doing his weird dance then all of a sudden there was a loud zzzziiiiippppp, he wasn't sure what it was so he continued dancing like a manic. Five minutes later he heard it again zzzziiiiippppp, this time he stopped dancing and looked in the kitchen: nothing, he then checked in the basement: nothing, after that he looked in the attic: ahah! Once again he heard the noise zzziiiiippppp, he looked first left then right; he saw something moving behind some boxes, the movements were fast but looked hard. SAD shuffled towards the boxes step by step he got closer, the noise got louder and louder until it roared like thunder in and out his ears. He thought he got close enough to pounce at the thing behind the boxes so he got ready and jumped using all his weird and wonderful might, he flew through the air, he thought he was going to make it but...... THUMP...... he hit the ground hard most probably scaring the mysterious thing away.

He tried again: he jumped and again fell down hard! SAD is very weird indeed, he thinks he can jump from about three meters away from the boxes I couldn't do it, you the reader couldn't do it and certainly SAD couldn't do it. Where was I? Oh yes: So he tried about another fifteen times before he could get to the boxes but about five or ten minutes later he got there. He arrived with yet another loud THUMP, he then crawled along the ground and peered round a box edge and saw his, his, his so called magical zip thingy it's really called that! He hit his head a few times in silliness. He picked up the magical zip thingy and looked for the off button but couldn't find it as it didn't run on electricity or batteries, SAD is so, so, so dumb and annoying but I can tell that you don't get why he's annoying well you're just about to find out.

It was roughly three days later when SAD was being most annoying as he was at a party and he found a pea in the mushy peas, he went to his friend called SND (Super Normal Dude) and said there's a pea in the mushy peas: he said this over one hundred and fifty times; can you imagine that? SAD would definitely get on my nerves! So yes, SAD was being very annoying actually so annoying that he got on a table and told everyone and repeated it over and over again! SND thought SAD was being a pain in the butt don't you think so too.

Now then it was like two years later when he literally met George III, they talked and had a lot in common, King George III give SAD and few tips to get on everyones nerves including their sons! Believe it or not SAD got on King George III's nerves by keeping on saying `Why', I have to say that that would get seriously on my nerves. Anyways SAD got on his nerves so much that king George III forced him self to die, so sad, so so sad. Once SAD was escorted out the palace he went to dizzy land Paris and got so dizzy that he was sick every time he spoke. Five or so days later SAD had a party again, did his dance again and repeated himself over and over and over again.

That's all for now, or at least that's all I can think of for now. Stay tuned for SAD will be back continuing this story.

All pictures done on pivot, last one cannot be shown as I made then animation then deleted it: the king George III one.
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