Dunfermline VS Cowdenbeath

Dunfermline VS Cowdenbeath match report

Dunfermline kept their Unbeaten run at home (East End Park) when faced with a derby with Cowdenbeath. The first bit of action was when Dunfermline's Andy kirk when down the left wing and took a shot but keeper David Hay (keeper) got a foot to it and forced a corner. The first goal waas after a corner when andy kirk chested the ball past the line into the goal. The 2nd goal in the second half was by Pat Clarke was 1 one 1 and sent the ball threw the keepers legs. The 3rd was a cross and Nick Phinn to score. Clarke got his second of the match when he again nutmegged the keeper to score again. The 5th was a bit special when super sub Joe Cardle took a shot which was saved by the keeper but bounced off of Linton for an own goal.

Dunfermline 5-0 Cowdenbeath
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